Paul Ntale received a scholarship from Access Knowledge Africa in 2014. He enrolled at the Seeta Institute of Animal Production and Management to complete a diploma in Animal Health and Production. Paul is close to achieving his goal and will complete his studies this spring. Here is what Paul had to say about his experience:
"Since my childhood, I have wanted to be a veterinary officer in my community. Since beginning my diploma program, I have learned many things such as how to prevent disease in animals, how to perform minor and major surgeries (de-horning, caesarian sections) and how to train farmers to care for their animals. Once I finish my diploma, I plan to start working in the community with farmers, advising them how to best care for their animals. After that, I will start a veterinary drug shop in our community so that farmers will no longer have to go long distances to find drugs for their animals. In the future, my dream is to have one of the biggest dairy farms in Uganda. I appreciate everyone who has contributed to my education so that I may have a better future. Thank you and may God bless you all."