Meet Cate, our newest scholarship recipient. Access Knowledge Africa has awarded Cate a five year scholarship so that she can reach her education and career goals. Here is Cate’s story, in her own words:

“My name is Cate and I live in the village of Banda Kyandaaza. When I was still young I went to Buiga Sunrise School the first year it started. When I graduated from kindergarten in 2005 there was not yet a Primary School, so I went to Nezikokolima School in 2006. I studied but we did not have enough money for fees, so I used to miss some class time. Then I had to go with my mom and work. When I reached Primary 7 in second term I fell very sick and missed two months of schooling. I went back to school when it was time for exams. God helped me and I did well. When it reached third term I studied very hard and I got a second grade when I did the Primary Leaving Exams. But my mom did not have enough money, so at the end of the third term I did not get my report because I was unable to pay the tuition fees. I want to go to Saint Balikuddembe Secondary School because it is the best school in our sub county and they teach well. I am happy with my scholarship because I wish to become a computer repair person. This is because I know I have some idea on the computers and I like computers very much. If I don’t become a computer repair person, I would like to become a doctor because too many people die in Uganda without getting enough treatment. I am very happy with the scholarship and I promise I will work hard by reading books and always practicing what the teacher gives to me.”