We held our first reading competition and spelling bee last month with students from Buiga Sunrise School. We had participants from Primary 2 through Primary 7, with a total of 18 competitors. All students who participated received a certificate, as well as some sweets. The winners received new water bottles. The students enjoyed the event and many have displayed an increased interest in reading and visiting the library. The winner of the reading competition, a Primary 7 student by the name of Mulinde Herbert, had this to say: "It is unbelievable to me that I won the competition and I am very happy for the award I received. I want to improve on my reading skills so that I can do even better in the next competition. I also hope to help my fellow students improve their reading and spelling skills".
Thank you to our two judges - Kawalya Blessious from St. Louis Standard Junior School and Azuma Robert from Buiga Sunrise School. We hope to hold our next reading competition and spelling bee next month.