iPad Program Update

February 28, 2014
Our iPad Program is a success so far! Approximately 20 children are accessing the iPads each day, typically in groups of 3-4 and with instruction from a teacher. Most of these children are Buiga Sunrise students; however, other children in the village are being shown how to use the iPads as well. 
At this stage in our program, the children are primarily using educational apps. Part of our long range plan is to teach them how to create content using the iPads, so that they are not solely consuming information.


Graduation Ceremony

February 5, 2014
Congratulations to our 2013 graduates!

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2014 Scholarships

February 5, 2014
We are now accepting scholarship applications for 2014. This year, we will be offering scholarships for the following programs:
Travel & Tourism Management
Agriculture Practice & Entrepreneurship
Project Planning & Management
Graphic Design
Food Production
All students who have completed courses at Access Knowledge Africa are invited to apply.
Application forms can be obtained at our office in Banda Kyaandaza or by e-mailing katsroger@buiga-sunrise.org. 
Applications must be submitted by February 24...
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Library Outreach Project

November 30, 2013
We recently embarked on a library outreach project to local primary and secondary schools. The majority of schools in Uganda are lacking books and this makes our library at Access Knowledge Africa all the more valuable. We have a good selection of textbooks that students do not have access to in their schools, so we encourage them to come to our library to study. Last week, we visited a number of schools so that we could encourage students to use our library and computer lab. We donated a pac...
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iPad Program

November 27, 2013
Last week, we added two iPads to our program, specifically to be used by children. The iPads were well received and it was amazing to see how quickly the children learned how to use them.
We are choosing to educate children with iPads instead of computers for the following reasons:
1. When enclosed in a heavy duty case, the iPads are quite resilient and therefore well suited to a hot and dusty environment.
2. The iPads are easy to control with mobile device management software. Our iPads are lo...
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Library Project

June 18, 2013
We recently received the books that we were awarded by Book Aid International and the Uganda Community Libraries Association. Here are some photos of children enjoying the books, as well as a photo of our new outdoor shaded reading area in progress. 

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Scholarship Recipients

June 11, 2013
The Access Knowledge Africa 2013 scholarships were recently awarded. Congratulations to Nicholas Agesa, Sharon Namukasa and Moses Katunze!

Nicholas will be enrolling in the Computer Repair and Maintenance program at YMCA Kampala. Sharon will be studying Catering and Hotel Management at YMCA Kampala. Moses has been accepted to the IT Essentials program at Makerere University in Kampala. 

Nicholas, Sharon and Moses - We wish you success in your studies!

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Cafe Construction Complete!

May 3, 2013

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Grant Awarded to AKA

April 19, 2013
Access Knowledge Africa is thrilled to have been chosen as one of the recipients of Book Aid International's "Transforming Community Libraries" project, implemented by the Uganda Community Libraries Association. As a result of being awarded this grant, we will receive 700 books and $1500 to be used towards improvements to our library.

We intend to use the donated funds to g
ive our library a fresh coat of paint, purchase additional shelving units, create an outdoor shaded reading area and purch...
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2012 Graduation Ceremony

January 31, 2013
We recently awarded advanced certificates to 70 students. 
This large number of graduates was possible because of our new lab which consists of ten computer stations equipped with two servers, as well as new batteries and an inverter which ensure a constant supply of power.
The graduates expressed thanks for the opportunity to access low-cost computer classes in their community, as it is very expensive to travel to Kampala to obtain computer skills. Many of the graduates also mentioned that the...
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