The management team at Sir Appollo Kagwa Secondary School recently approached our organization to request assistance in their computer lab.  The school was fortunate to receive a donation of computers from a Uganda government partner; however, the teachers were not provided with any training. This meant that the computer lab was not being utilized to its full potential. Some of the students were attending classes at our facility and suggested that school management contact us and request support. Our Program Coordinator, Steven Tenywa, has been periodically teaching classes at the school for the past couple of months and so far the reception is positive.

Babirye Eva, a student from Sir Appollo Kagwa says, “We thank Access Knowledge Africa because these computers would get old without being used. Our school has over 400 students, but many of them did not even know about the computers. I think with the help of Access Knowledge Africa trainers, we shall be able to learn more about computers”.

Given that this is a pilot project, we are providing the service free of charge. If there is more demand for this type of service, we will consider leveraging this into another income generating project for Access Knowledge Africa.