Here are a few words from Access Knowledge Africa students about what their newly acquired computer skills mean to them:
Makubuya Ibrahim

It has brought the world closer to me. My dream is to become a Computer Engineer, so Access Knowledge Africa introducing to me the basic computer applications is a good foundation for my future dream. 
Nakabiri Catherine

I think nothing is better than a hand given to an individual. I appreciate the service offered by Access Knowledge Africa. The amount that we pay is small and not worthy of the computer programs we are learning. Given that this is a village, I did not think we would ever get this chance to access computers. I would like to eventually be a typist in the media industry.
Ndawula Samuel

I have always thought of what I can really do in my life, but failed to decide on anything. After joining the computer course here, it looks like I am getting closer to my goal of becoming a teacher. During this course I feel like am exposed to the world, especially when on the internet.
Tusubira Roy

I thank Access Knowledge Africa for the service, because I don’t think my parents would ever get the amount needed for me to take this course in Kampala. I would like to become a secretary. Thanks to the people who had this vision.
Sserunkuma John 
I just want to say thank you for the service by Access Knowledge Africa. We would otherwise not access computers around this village. I have seen now the future I can have in photography.
Seelh Juliet

What a wonderful program! I always had a dream of getting to know computer skills, but was limited because of the lack of training facilities. When I came to work in Banda , I heard of Access Knowledge Africa. This was just like a dream, but now I am in the last set of lessons. 
Ntambi Denis

I am thinking of being a web designer. I predict you need to have application skills in general computer knowledge to start, so I think am in the right place. My dream will be easier to reach thanks to Access Knowledge Africa.